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At CMM, we want the Gospel of Jesus to be at the forefront of your sphere of influence. Yet, we have continued to notice trends of extreme pressure, doubt, and uncertainty as we struggle through the results of the pandemic.  

During a recent coaching session with a leader of a good-sized church, we tackled the question about what to do next (given the post-covid re-engaging and a returning few, just now hitting the summer slumps, and general tiredness of the staff and leadership). As we began the conversation I asked what merit he gives to the spiritual forces at work, more specifically, the enemy of the Church and the powers of the world rallied against the Church?  

All that is happening in our world is not happening in a vacuum. The Enemy never fights like a gentleman. When one is down, wobbly, fearful, or adrift, he does not let up his blows and allow us to get back up on our feet to try again. So where do we start? Here’s where my pastor friend landed: Starting small.  

SMALL STEP #1: “I will plan out a half-day of prayer schedule.”

As a leader, spending half-days of prayer in a regular cycle — monthly, every 6 weeks — will give you connection with God and connection with the seasons in which God is working. It is spiritual breath to your soul. It also acknowledges that the war is spiritual in nature. We have a King who has and will subdue the enemies — His and ours.  

Now, I suspect that if you don't have concerted prayer times you either feel guilty because you know you should and haven’t OR you feel a sense of pride because you already plan prayer time. No need for self-pity if you haven’t. It’s a friendly reminder to get back to the “first things”. Plan it into your iCal now. Pick a place and time and purpose for the next 3 months. Just three months.  

Get a copy of Prayer Revolution by John Smed and begin to pray Kingdom mindful prayers and learn how “Prayer does not prepare you for the greater work, it is the greater work.”  

SMALL STEP #2: “I will write a Leadership Development Plan for 2022”

As a leader, you will get a greater long-term impact and influence by developing other men and women into godly, leaders who live by grace dynamics. You will multiply your capacity to minister in the church and city if you develop others into Kingdom-centered, empowered leaders who are Gospel Coached.  

No matter if you are full time in a church or volunteer leading in some other capacity, who is on your list to develop? We are all sent to disciple others along their journey. So ask: What is their personal plan to develop into the man or woman God planned for them when he created them with dignity and purpose? What gifts do they need developing? Your job is to help them figure out how they develop. How can you engage them in Kingdom prayer with you?  

People are busy and you cannot waste their time with rudderless leadership. What do they need in order to grow into in the way they think about God, about life, their family, or their career? What ministry skills can be sharpened? Where is their core disciple identity found? Do they know? Do you know how to help them find it? You may need other plans as well, but the main idea is to start small and then scale up.  

Right now, we want to help churches re-enter ministry life so we developed the Vital Grace Initiative. Let us help you start small with an online church health-audit/assessment for your congregation. We engage your whole church family to explore 8 health indicators. We follow up with live, personal online interviews with a percentage of your congregation to gain a narrative of church life. Your leadership will receive an Executive report and personal debrief. Click here to learn more about how your ministry can begin to thrive in this post-pandemic world today!