What Fuels Our Passion

“The gospel is God’s good news about Jesus Christ. He is the central message of the gospel, and it is hearing about what he has done (the gospel) and turning from our sinful rebellion (repentance) to trust in his work on our behalf (faith) that we are saved and can finally begin to understand the purpose of our lives.”
-- Thomas & Wood, Gospel Coach,

“The Gospel is God’s explosive power that changes everything. The Gospel makes us Christians…God forgives your sin, declares you righteous in Christ, gives you eternal life, adopts you as His child, and ushers you into an intimate relationship with Himself, through the Holy Spirit. Secondly, the Gospel grows us. The Gospel is not merely the way we enter, it is the way we make all progress…it is the ‘way of righteousness from first to last.’…Since the Gospel not only makes us Christians, but also grows us as Christians, the most desperate need of both unbelievers and believers…is to hear and appropriate the Gospel to their lives. Thirdly, the Gospel empowers us to serve…with a whole new motivational structure…setting us free to love and serve unconditionally in response to God’s grace in Christ.”

Dr. Dick Kaufmann