C.R.O.S.S. Gospel Coaching is an intentional gospel conversation with focused discussions on one's relational, personal, missional, and spiritual life.

"Before I received Gospel Coaching,
I was lost in a cloud of doubt about the nonprofit I was starting.

My Gospel Coach led me through focused discussions based on what God had to say about my ministry and what He was doing in my life. I was able to begin to make decisions that turned my ministry around."

Healthy Christian leaders are essential to the church and to ministry, and Gospel Coaching is the single most important ingredient for their health and thriveability. Since we need Christ-centered, gospel-saturated, and missionally-focused leaders we can ill afford to rely on non-theological, humanistic, methodologically driven approaches to coaching.
Gospel Coaching is a unique approach that incorporates gospel renewal dynamics in the coaching relationship. The gospel not only has power to transform, it is power. We want to let the gospel do its work!

CMM is the leader in providing Gospel Coaches for the church as well as the private and impact sectors. CMM's Gospel Coaching staff are experienced and certified to equip ministry leaders for sustainable gospel ministry in the USA, Cuba, Asia, UK, and all corners of the globe.

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