Restoring leadership clarity, one gospel shaped conversation at a time.

Your coach will help you to find clarity by providing a regular space for an intentional conversation that leads to confident decision making in a complex world.

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We live in a world of fast paced change.

The strategies of the past no longer function as they once did, and the complexities of leadership seem to be exponentially increasing. Decision fatigue can lead to anxiety and a sense of being overwhelmed which doesn’t just impact our work but also our health and our closest relationships.

Your Gospel Coach will meet with you for an hour every three weeks. They will explore your diary, assess your to-do list, and ask questions about deeper feelings and motivations in order to identify the key priorities that will lead to greater personal, relational, missional and spiritual health.

Leaders who consistently work with a Gospel Coach find that they can breathe again, no longer fearing opening their inbox or being distracted by difficult meetings on the horizon. The Gospel Coach provides a clarity to the leader which significantly increases their margin and most importantly reorientates their leadership to flow out of who they are in Christ.

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“Your coach will help you to confidently know what to do next.”
Matt Waldock (UK Gospel Coaching Director)
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Gospel Coaching has been one of the most helpful, beneficial and encouraging experiences I have ever had as a pastor. Coaching has brought a direct spiritual and practical benefit both to my life as a disciple of Jesus and to my leadership role in our church. I never knew how much I needed a coach until I had one; now I never again want to be without one!

Rev. Thomas Davis

Could You Become a Gospel Coach?
What if all leaders had the space to breathe?

Our passion to see leaders thrive is shared by you. Our goal is to ensure threat every leader who wants a coach has access to one. You can be part of the solution by joining our Gospel Coach training programme.

Leaders should have access to the best quality coaches and so your next step is to signup to our Gospel Coaching Foundations Course.

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Why Does Gospel Coaching Matter?

Watch Dr. Tom Wood, the pioneer of Gospel Coaching, describe the benefits of Gospel Coaching


Gospel Coaching has revealed areas that I need to grow in and encourages me with tools on how to support other leaders.

Hannah Thomas


It has been humbling to see Gospel Coaching at work and how quickly issues I wasn't even aware of come to light!

Jon Cawsey