Vital Grace means God giving us everything for nothing. We want you to flourish in your Christian journey, seeing how God created, rescued and lives for you to be part of His Story of Grace.

CMM has a long history of working with churches in vision casting, mission design, as well as providing Gospel Coaching for leaders in the church.

But the Covid Pandemic of 2020 has dramatically changed the church. Andy Crouch and Dave Blanchard wisely noted, "Every organization is starting new" and "must set aside their current playbook and write a new one" (Praxis Journal, March 2020).

The Vital Grace Workshop is for the Local Church

During this workshop, we will explore how the Story of the gospel informs and shapes your story, to overcome the domination of your “former life” and how to live new and free in Christ. You will be engaged with God and others during each session.

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