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One of the ways CMM is celebrating 2021 is by looking at HOW the gospel is changing men and women in their ministry. The gospel not only has power to transform, it is power. We want to let the gospel do its work!Recently, Gospel Coach Jim Moonwas coaching a ministry leader who was struggling to be present with his children. Here’s what he had to say:
Do you ever feel pressure to perform? To do your job exactly right so you get the results you want? Maybe you’re more driven to get your spouse to shape up or kids or co-workers or friends in line? Maybe you’re more driven internally to get yourself ship shape?
"Most of the pastors and church planters I coach are driven people. God called them, equipped them, and sent them to start a church that would be a world-changing church, which is great, but often slips into a personal daily experience of constant pressure to make it happen!
"I talk with many successful pastors who tell me they have a difficult time relaxing or unwinding. They may skip their weekly Sabbath days or look for a hobby or a pastime that would help them rejuvenate by getting their mind to stop thinking about the next project. As a Gospel Coach, I’m trained to ask more questions to try to find out what is going on in their heart.
"One pastor, who understood the power of the gospel, told me he was really struggling to be present with his kids. He really wanted to be more present, to engage with them, and not be so distracted. We discussed what a great idea that was, how it was godly and loving. But he said it’s really a challenge because he’s always thinking about work.
"So I asked, 'Could I ask you a more personal question? What would you gain if you were able to focus on your children better and not be so distracted by your work?'
"He replied, 'My kids would know how much I love them! My wife would know I’m a good dad. I’d feel like I’m a better dad. I’d worry less about how this job is affecting my family.'
"'That’s great,' I said, 'May I ask you, what would you gain if you got all of that? If your kids knew you were a good dad and knew you were a better dad and worried less?'
"He said, 'I’d be really proud of myself! I’d prove to myself that I’m a better dad than my father. And I could work harder on the church without worry.' Then he paused and said, 'But that’s not trusting in Christ is it? That is trusting in myself. It’s so obvious now that I see it.'
"Gospel Coaching helped this pastor see where his drivenness was a way he was internally justifying himself and attempting to prove his own worth to himself, his wife, and his trying to prove himself in ministry. Something he eagerly repented from in prayer with me. What an honor to help people realize where they are trusting in their own small human power and turn to ongoing faith in God’s power to be a good father and to serve the Lord in their calling."

We are always encouraged to see how God continues to work in the hearts and lives of His people. Thank you for being a part of the work where "all over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing"(Colossians 1:6).