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This year we’re pausing to celebrate all the Lord has done in and through Gospel Coaching in the lives that He gives us to serve through CMM.

Last fall, we hosted a Gospel Coach Basic Training in Vero Beach, FL at a women’s refuge.   One of the participants, Carol, was a second-generation Latina with a history of sorrow and grief. She had completed the recovery program at the women’s refuge and through Gospel Coach Training was able to attend an abbreviated Trihort with another woman. She was an enthusiastic participant in the Trihort and said every time we met, “Oh my, I love love love this book Gospel Coach.”  

We finished the abbreviated Trihort training right after Mother’s Day 2021 with a one-on-one debrief with her and the other participant. During the debrief we asked how this training had impacted her and she replied:  

“Mother’s Day was really hard this year again. My two children died years ago, which still hurts, and just recently lost my mom, so I was feeling very lonely, so alone. But this year the Lord spoke to me in my sorrow and asked me, ‘Carol, do you love your mom more than me?’ and it’s like that question reminded me of what we’ve learned in Gospel Coaching, who I am in the Lord. And I said, ‘No, Lord, I love You. You love me so well, You loved me first. That’s who I am.’ It overwhelmed me to realize deeply that the Lord sees me as worthy, not just as my tragedy. He lives within me, and I get to share that with other moms.”  

She also shared that the rest of the staff at the women’s refuge have noticed how she’s different, how well she really helps the other women, and how she’s asking good questions and pointing people to the Lord.   We praise God for the way that He is working in Carol’s life!

We are always encouraged to see how God continues to work in the hearts and lives of His people. Thank you for being a part of the work where "all over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing" (Colossians 1:6).