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Last time I wrote, I pointed out that of the more than 60 leaders that we work with at CMM zero are planning to leave the ministry due to the global crisis we currently face. The reason they are staying is because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel Coaching, as we say, is an intentional gospel conversation with focused discussions on the leader’s relational, personal, missional, and spiritual life. The process of helping a pastor or leader work through these aspects to help them reach the heart of their struggles in life and ministry is the key way we point them back to the One who truly saves.

We took Gospel Coaching to the country of Cuba several years ago and taught leaders in the Los Pinos Nuevos churches to care for their leaders in this way. Long before anyone could foresee a global shutdown, CMM and LPN educated trainers in Gospel Coaching. They were able to spread the load of coaches to their own churches across 8 cities. Hundreds began using Gospel Coaching in those cities for leadership development, house church pastors, church planting pastors, and even among the denominational leadership team.

Then, the pandemic hit and their country like many others shut their borders. The disease hit them hard. Not only were they faced with a medical crisis they also experienced food shortages. We prayed and tried to figure out how CMM could pivot our resources to help our friends and colleagues. Our donors, sister churches and prayer supporters sprung into action. How is the body of Christ rallying to help our family there on the island?

LPN put us in touch with a new partner, the Children’s Hunger Fund. CMM has been part of sending nine 40 foot containers of food and medical supplies since March 2020 to our sister LPN churches. Each container has about 1900 boxes with rice, beans, pasta, canned veggies, and canned tuna. That is roughly 850,000 meals shipped by God through His church.

Once the container clears customs (which has been smooth, thanks to the proven track record of LPN leadership and CHF), they are unloaded, stored at the training center in the capital, and then distributed to 10 city churches across the island via church volunteers.

One of the ways God cares for His people is through His people. It's amazing to stop and think about the number of God's people who have made this happen. Hundreds of Christians (from donors, to sister church leaders, CMM staff, CHF staff, leaders, and volunteers on the island who unload, store, reload, drive, and coordinate) are cooperating to get boxes of food to starving people. The LPN churches are sharing their food with neighbors in need, and you know what? The Gospel has multiplied into the hundreds of new Christians in those new churches.

Can you imagine what the officials who issue permits and oversee customs must be thinking as they see this CHURCH receiving donations and giving away precious food in the name of Jesus! 

You can partner with CMM to continue to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is growing and multiplying all over the world!