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When I launched CMM almost 20 years ago I never envisioned a future with a global footprint. As we have shared in the past, CMM’s ministry through partnerships with other organizations has gone global. In a few countries, such as Cuba, Scotland, and England, we are personally involved in training leaders to train their own indigenous gospel coaches. 

Our partner in the UK, The UK Gospel Coaching Alliance (comprised of six different networks), is led by an amazing and godly team of network leaders who have not only embraced the gospel centered approach to coaching in their personal ministries, they are being trained to train others in the UK to multiply the gospel into their spheres of influence. 

I invite you to watch (scroll to the bottom to watch) or read Matt Waldock’s testimony of the power CMM’s gospel coaching has had his personal ministry as well as others being coached in the UK.  

“I started with a Gospel Coach, literally, just before the first lock down in the UK. As for all of us, the last 18 months have been remarkable, like nothing anyone of us has ever experienced…We had to reorganize the church in three distinctive ways over the last few months in order to comply with government regulations. 

“Gospel Coaching enabled me to stay steadfast in the gospel…It also gave me a person to talk to outside of the immediate church context, outside the immediate anxieties and stresses that my church community was working through. It gave me someone to talk to who came with an objective perspective, who was able to talk about blind spots that I should pay attention to that I couldn’t necessarily see by myself.  

“It was an opportunity to talk to a coach who would ask sensitive probing questions to enable me get to decisions that would be impossible without someone saying ‘Hey, let’s not be reactive and let’s think about this through a gospel-lens.’ This is my experience, and I know this has been a repeated experience for everyone who has had a coach in the past 18 months. 

“When I was hearing about Gospel Coaching and exploring it for the UK context, even before the lock down, I saw that it was essential to take what has been a momentous few years of growth in church planting across the UK and for it to see roots put down and enable it to be not only be a fast growing movement but also sustainable for generations to come. This need was great before, and is now absolutely vital now. 

“We’re losing pastors from pastoral ministry in the UK left, right, and center. Our reserves of energy and ideas are almost empty. But we know that the Lord Jesus is faithful. And we’re not asking for gospel coaches to fix that or to replenish something we don’t have, but actually point us to the riches of the Lord Jesus, in which we have everything we need. That is what a Gospel Coach does, and that sounds simplistic but actually in the chaos of the storm that is precisely what we need. Only a hand-full of us in the UK has access to that amazing gospel resources. I would say gospel coaching, in many ways, is the hope for the UK church, pointing us to Christ, and helping us to keep fixed on him.” 

Thank you for being an ongoing friend of CMM’s global mission, because all over the world His gospel is bearing fruit and growing (Colossians 1:6).