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Eighteen years ago (late 2003) a group of people who were committed to the “starting and strengthening of gospel centered churches” helped launch Church Multiplication Ministries (CMM).  

We believed that it was through the church that the many faceted greatness of God and the mystery of Christ’s free grace to us was made known. At that time, we believed with all our being that the church of Jesus Christ was of cosmic significance and the most important, eternal life-giving delivery system of God’s grace. The people of God, redeemed by Christ, committed to following Christ, generously giving to His cause, loving, forgiving, and serving, one another, as well as their neighbors, were more significant in history than any other organization, company, or nation. We wanted our lives to have an aroma of loving generosity with a strategic initiative to help others plant new churches and strengthen existing churches in the nations. Our team, board members and staff alike, had been a part of launching new churches in some capacity.  

CMM has grown wildly in the last 18 years.

We have a great team of men and women who are profoundly shaping the lives of leaders in the church on a global scale, who are in turn influencing the lives of thousands of people in their communities and cities. The churches they serve are making known the free grace of God in Christ. “Only vital grace can recast the high and glorious God who invites you back into His presence, experience His power, and be renewed back to His purpose of why He made you” (Vital Grace: Getting Everything for Nothing, page 28).  So, we are empowering leaders to multiply the gospel in their spheres of influence by engaging them with grace renewing dynamics. 

Thank you for joining us in the ministry of God’s vital grace.