Are you ready to increase your leadership capacity and multiply your influence?

Gospel Coaching Foundations is a robust process where you are given the tools to effectively guide Christian leaders to make better decisions in their relational, personal, missional, and spiritual life, all in the framework of a Gospel conversation.

Every leader — pastor, planter, chaplain, woman in ministry, nonprofit director — deserves a Gospel Coach so they are supported and sustained to multiply the Gospel in their spheres of influence.

CMM desires to have 3,000 leaders being Gospel coached by 2030.

To see that happen, we are offering a BOGO special for ATL September 2024 training. Your price includes 2.5 day conference and 6 post conference coaching cohort sessions via zoom with a CMM facilitator.


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Foundations, Practicum, and Evaluation

We are absolutely committed to the gospel and that makes our C.R.O.S.S. Gospel Coaching unique. We don't just give good advice. Gospel Coaches apply the gospel to the specific challenges faced today.

Start with Foundations

In the 2.5 day, in-person Foundations Seminar, CMM's thorough process begins with vital training in grace renewal dynamics, coaching skills, and initial experience in Gospel Coaching to prepare for the post-seminar cohorts. 

Post-Seminar Training Cohorts
and 360 Degree Evaluation

Each participant will be assigned a facilitator and placed in a group of three for a 12-session follow up skill development practicum. These practicums, or "trihorts" are where you learn to gospel coach in real time. 

Trihorts meet via video for six 2-2.5-hour sessions where each person coaches, gets coached and observes coaching under the direction of a trained CMM facilitator.  

Dates and times for the six video sessions are decided mutually among each group and generally meet every three weeks. Participants also engage in six gospel coaching sessions with someone in ministry or leadership for a season of implementation.  

This process enables participants to apply the theory and skill for maximum learning. 

At the conclusion of the practicum, each participant will receive written feedback on their growth and development as a gospel coach through a 360-degree online evaluation. The facilitator, fellow participants, and coachee plus a self-evaluation provide significant input and steps for implementation and improvement.

Gospel Coach Training Process

CMM's gospel coach training process is by invitation only.

Foundations of Gospel Coaching
Intro to Gospel Coaching & C.R.O.S.S. Conversation
Trihort Practicum
Twelve interative practice sessions with CMM staff and minimum of 9 hours of live "scrimmage" coaching in your context
360-Degree Evaluation
With feedback from facilitator, fellow participants, coachee, and a self-evaluation, CMM staff recommended next steps for putting Gospel Coaching into practice.
Sharpening Skills
Workshops, webinars, and other resources sharpen skills through Gospel Coaching practice and cooperative learning with Dr. Tom Wood, the pioneer of Gospel Coaching
Interested in Training as a Gospel Coach?

CMM desires to equip, train, and empower 1000s of men and women as gospel coaches to spread grace renewal dynamics where we live, work and worship. For free.

Seminars and cohorts have limited space to ensure interactive training that utilizes the best adult-learning methods. This ensures you learn to coach in real time for the sake of God’s Kingdom.


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