Church Health Audit
multi-phase, multi-year Vital Grace Initiative

 CMM’s Church Health Audit is the initial part of a multi-phase, multi-year Vital Grace Initiative designed by our founder, Dr. Tom Wood, to bring grace renewal dynamics and refreshed vision for the future into local churches in the US.

After extensive work with church planters and pastors in the US and internationally, we’ve recognized the importance of bringing our gospel coaching, prayer training, disciple-making and gospel mentoring into churches at every level of leadership.  

Congregational Health Audit

The Congregational Health Audit is an important initial step in the process or as a standalone exercise for church leaders. It is composed of the following assessments, evaluations and components that enable CMM staff to ascertain the strengths and areas for growth at every level of leadership and participation in your local church.  

1.      Every member and regular attender and potential attender:

o   CMM’s Online Church Health Survey (OCHS) is available to every person who is part of your congregation. Young and old, involved or fringe, everyone may take this online survey.

o   During an on-site visit, observe leadership and congregational interactions, sense of welcome and general atmosphere at an in-person worship service and user friendliness of the church website for newcomers.

o   Observe worship in-person and online (as available).

2.       Core members and volunteers:

o   Initial interviews with 8-10 couples or 15 people who are representative households.

o   Further informal and formal interviews with others during site visit.

o   Natural Church Development’s survey (separate fee to NCD ministry).

3.      Key leaders – staff and volunteer:

o   Pastor and spouse will each take CMM’s 360-degree assessment tool, Church Leader Inventory and Church Leader Spouse inventory. Debrief included during site visit.

o   Key staff, elders and their spouses should consider taking the CLI/CLSI as well. Highly recommended. Additional fee is $200 per couple. Debrief included during site visit.

4.      Optional: recommended intercultural assessment tools.

o   Either the Intercultural Development Inventory for 2 key leaders with debrief or Cultural Awareness Assessment for key leaders with debrief.

o   Additional fees apply. 

Data Gathering

With multiple surveys, Church Leader and Spouse Inventories, and virtual interviews to organize, the data-gathering phase typically takes 4-6 weeks. Throughout this phase, a dedicated CMM staff administrator will coordinate step by step instructions with a designated church administrator. 

On-Site Visit

Ideally, two CMM staff could fly in on Friday of a weekend that the church has an activity planned, debrief the CLI/CLSIs, interview a few people in person and attend Sunday morning. 


CMM staff and Dr. Tom Wood will work together to prayerfully discern strengths, areas for improvement and recommendations during the remainder of the Audit phase and as foundation for the Activate phase of the Vital Grace Initiative.

·       Executive Summary – at the completion of the data gathering, a summary of the data from the OCHS and NCD surveys, interviews, CLI/CLSI and intercultural assessment will be sent and debriefed via a video call with the leadership.

The Executive Summary provides the signposts leading to key ministry objectives which may be utilized in a CMM facilitated Prayer/Strategy retreat with key members of the church leadership team. 

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